Jakub Bojdol (2013 – 2015)

Mathematics, Girton College, University of Cambridge

A community of amazing people. Canada geese roaming around the playing fields. Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese. It’s quite difficult to quantify what a St Paul’s bursary means.

I found myself in the Eighth Form by miraculous chance – I still have the newspaper cutting from my mum’s friend which precipitated the journey. It was a humble advert titled ‘If your child can pass our exams, we can help you with the sums’ and contained a list of 23 schools. Only one stood out for me, having heard various rumours. Still, I had lots of worries about whether I would fit in, but these faded after a conversation during my interview with someone who I thought must have been very important because he had two secretaries, and they faded still after my first few days there.

There followed the two greatest years of my life. I developed an interest in coding and ancient history. I took my first long-haul flight. I wore a colourful tie. My skills in mathematics kept growing and, sooner than I realised, I was reading maths at Cambridge.

I now teach and hope that, perhaps, I might inspire others to grow skills enabling them to serve society.

The education at St Paul’s is most excellent. Widening access to a diverse range of able pupils will not only bring joy to their lives but to our entire community.