Personal request from the Thomas Gresham Committee

Hi, we’re the Thomas Gresham Committee, and we’re incredibly proud to be championing student engagement with the wider Bursary Campaign.

We are now driving forward with our next ambition: fundraising from the students. We’d like to ask you, as Paulines, to kindly donate £1.50 per month. That’s half a cup of coffee, or 8% of your Netflix and Spotify subscriptions.


Together, all of those individual donations will make a massive difference in the lives of boys from our local community. Donating monthly will also let you stay up-to-date with all the exciting news about the new Bursary Campaign, launched on Tuesday 14 May. Please have a look around this new website for more information.

Founded in 2017 by four Upper Eighth pupils, the Thomas Gresham Award is a wholly pupil-led appeal, fundraising to provide a 100% bursary for a highly performing boy at 11+ in need of financial support. In 2017/2018 the founding committee exceeded all expectations by raising enough funds to cover almost two years’ education for an incoming SPJ pupil. We’re really proud to have followed this up with an equally successful year.

The first Thomas Gresham Bursary Award recipient is now attending St Paul’s School, with the second arriving in September. We hope to make a real impact on the lives of these boys and also on our wider school community.

Click on the donate button below, then choose ‘Widening Access – Bursaries’ from the dropdown menu. Thank you.

Thomas Gresham Committee 2018/19

Adam Ramgoolie, Albert Doyle, Ariff Castronovo, Ben Ray and Tom O’Driscoll