The 150th Appeal

During the 2021-22 academic year, the Old Pauline Club is celebrating 150 years of Pauline alumni engagement.

Alongside special events to mark this key milestone, the club is launching the 150th Appeal, providing former pupils with the chance to ensure socio-economic diversity is retained in the school by supporting potential Paulines who need financial assistance. This will in turn help the School fulfil John Colet’s vision.

The campaign will last for two years and will focus solely on widening access to the school through the growing bursary programme. New president, Ed Vaizey, Lord Vaizey of Didcot,  following consultation has set the ambitious target of £1,500,000. We have 9,000 contactable OPs, so our hope is that this can be achieved.

Supporting us

We are encouraging OPs to make a donation of an amount relating to the anniversary, i.e. £150, £1,500, £15,000 – whether as a one off or regular donation.

The School remains incredibly grateful to those OPs who donate within the 1509 Society or who have made generous donations in the past. Those already donating may choose to make a one-off gift to mark this key moment in the Club’s history.

Currently, just over 6% of OPs are giving to the School. In our efforts to strengthen the bond between the School and the Club, we hope that more of you will feel that you wish to make a regular donation and that we can really increase this number.

Donors, should they wish to, will be recognised in our annual Impact Report and invited to a reception with the High Master so that she can thank you in person. Your gift may also enrol you as a member of one of our giving circles.


If 15% of OPs give £15 a month (Over five years). These OPs would become members of the 1509 Society

If 10,000 OPs gave £150 These OPs would become members of the 1509 Society

If 1,000 OPs gave £1,500 These OPs would become members of the 1509 Society

If 100 OPs gave £15,000 These OPs would become members of the Erasmus Circle

If 10 OPs gave £150,000 These OPs would become members of the Founder’s Circle


We will also add in any legacy pledges made to our total. We currently have 36 members of the Colet Legacy Society and invite any OPs who intend to remember St Paul’s in their will – at whatever level – to contact us. Please click here to find more information about leaving a legacy or contact Sam Bushell via . Please do let us know if you have already remembered St Paul’s in your will so we can thank and engage you in your lifetime.

“I am living proof that when bright boys from disadvantaged backgrounds come to St Paul’s, they thrive and maximise their potential… I believe that as many boys as possible deserve a chance to enjoy the experience I had. Social diversity in a school such as St Paul’s is to the advantage of our whole community.”
Ethan Chan (2012-14) (read Geography at Worcester College, Oxford)