St Paul’s School Telephone Campaign 2022

St Paul’s School held its second Telethon in September 2022. The campaign raised an outstanding total of £131,286 in gifts and pledges.

In this 150th anniversary year for the Old Pauline Club, it was our hope that the campaign would help to build and strengthen our community and play a significant role in our current fundraising ambitions. Throughout its history, St Paul’s has inhabited a number of different buildings, but the Pauline spirit has remained constant in its tenacity and excellence and we have always educated highly able, committed and curious boys.

Building our community and keeping its members connected to the school is a significant priority for us. To this end, we enlisted a team of bright and dedicated recent Pauline leavers (all of whom had left in the last three years) to call fellow OPs between Tuesday 30 August and Tuesday 13 September 2022. The 15 callers worked tirelessly, recording 7,884 dialling attempts and 429 conversations with Old Paulines during the 2-week period.

Thank you to all those who supported the telethon through having conversations with our callers and donating to our bursary appeal. The team enjoyed hearing stories from OPs of their school days, the path that they have taken since and their thoughts and experiences of our Community events programme. We were delighted by the number of OPs who chose to answer the call and share their experiences with our recent leavers.

The Pauline callers also shared our vision for Shaping Our Future. In particular, they focused on our commitment to widening access through bursaries to ensure St Paul’s remains open to all and representative of wider society. We have set a commitment to fund 153 bursary pupils (we currently have 147) by 2023, with a fundraising target of £3.3m per year, as well as building an endowment to support this work.

Match Giving – Make your gift go further

Furthermore, thanks to a very generous donor, we had a matched funding pot available for this year’s campaign. Each new direct debit will be matched pound-for-pound for the first year of giving. The generosity of OPs in setting up regular donations during the campaign has allowed us to unlock the whole of the £18,750 in match giving.

£15.09 125 parents giving £15.09 a month for a year
£50 40 Pauline friends each giving £50 a month for 1 year
£550 11 former members of a St Paul’s sports team each giving £550 a quarter for a year
£1.59 All leaving members of A Club from the past ten years giving £1.59


Our 2022 Calling Team

Nicholas Montague-Jones (2014-2019)
Christ’s College, University of Cambridge
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Mark Selby (2014-19)
King's College London
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Albert Doyle (2015-2019)
University of Edinburgh
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James-Joseph De Costa (2015-20)
Jesus College, Oxford
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Sam Little (2015-20)
Durham University
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Vivek Raman (2016-21)
St Hugh's College, Oxford
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Akhil Sofat (2016-21)
University of Warwick
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Will Shackleton (2017-22)
Magdalen College, Oxford
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Joe Dickinson (2017-21)
University of Bristol
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