Giving from the USA

The USA Colet Foundation Bursary was established in 2020 to provide a meaningful and affordable way for our American community, the largest constituency of Old Paulines outside London, to have its own tailored way of supporting the bursary element of the Shaping Our Future vision.

The name, reflecting Colet Foundation of St Pauls School London 501(c)(3), which was founded in 1991, has for many years played a significant part in allowing our USA taxpaying communities to support the aims and ambitions of the school generously.

How to join?

Whether you are an Old Pauline, a current or former parent based in America, supporting the USA Colet Foundation Bursary is straightforward. Simply pledge a regular gift of your choosing or related to our founding year 1509 (i.e. $15.09, $150.90 or $1,509), or a single gift of over $500 in a year to the Shaping Our Future campaign.

Regular giving and gifts

To make a regular donation (monthly/quarterly/yearly), please click here.

To make a one-off gift, please click here.

More about the USA Colet Foundation Bursary

We are keen to ensure that our American community has its own tailored way of supporting our bursary ambitions.  The USA is home to by far the largest constituency of Old Paulines outside London and, on average, 33 students per year go to US Universities after they leave St Paul’s.

John Colet founded the school in 1509 with a generous endowment for 153 boys to be educated. Since then, further philanthropy has shaped the school we enjoy today. The results have been transformative, helping us to provide an inspirational environment of world-class teaching and learning.  Supporting talented children to study at St Paul’s serves our wider community, ensuring those pupils fulfil their potential to be extraordinary and to ultimately enrich and impact society.

We have set ourselves a fundraising target of £3.3m ($4.3m) per year for the bursary element of our vision, allowing us to support 153 bursary pupils a year by 2023 while beginning to build up an endowment for the future. It is time to focus on our long-standing ambition to increase our bursary provision significantly.

The USA Colet Foundation Bursary will be one of our named bursary places and our target is to raise $252,000 over seven years to fund a full bursary place for one pupil. We hope that our American community will come together in support of our ambitions through this special bursary award.

Regular giving as a group can make a significant impact.

$15.09 200 Old Paulines giving $15.09 a month for a year
$150.90 20 Pauline friends each giving $150.90 a month for one year
$3,000 12 former members of a St Paul’s sports team each giving $3,000 a year


“It is inspiring to think of St Paul’s School focused on offering the excellent education from which I benefited to any pupil with the ability and attitude to thrive at the school regardless of their family’s financial circumstance. I am delighted that myself and my fellow USA based OPs have the opportunity to come together as a community to gift this exceptional life changing opportunity to a boy”.
Simon Strauss, USA donor to Shaping Our Future

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